Quality Child Care provides a learning experience that we feel has all the essentials to give every child the best possible start to their learning lives. Our approach to education is child centered and based on mutual respect and co-operation. Your child will have the freedom to learn in the way they know best, by being encouraged to do things themselves which will help them to be independent and self-confident.

We also encourage each child to appreciate and explore the natural environment. The Montessori programme allows your child to progress at their own pace and are observed and guided by one of our trained Montessori Teachers. The Montessori environment is carefully prepared with specially designed apparatus.

Maria Montessori discovered that children under the age of 6 have extraordinary powers of mind. They take in their environment with what she termed ‘the absorbent mind’. The absorbent mind is at its peak receptivity during the preschool years. Her approach (and ours at Little Treasures) was to look at learning from a child’s perspective, observing children’s varied learning styles, abilities, and interests. She believed that every child, with appropriate guidance and care, could reach his or her individual potential.

When your child first comes to the Montessori classroom he starts his journey in the area called Practical Life. From here he proceeds to sensorial area, maths area, language area and finally ends his journey in the area called culture studies.

At our daily circle time we learn to tell the time, learn about other cultures, do lots of Irish, bake, as well as lots of other fun things. We also have time to tell everyone our news.